Discover Siquijor Island.
Discover Ecotourism.

Discover Siquijor and how ecotourism acts as the foundation of the Island.

Siquijor Island is a small Island found in the Central Visayas region. Known for its breathtaking destinations and unique culture of folk healers, the Island continues to be visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Discover Siquijor Island and its three ecotourism components.

A destination's ecotourism has three components: environment, culture, and socio-economy. Discover the “Island of Fire” and why it’s one of the Philippines’ top ecotourism destinations.

  • Preserved Natural Destinations

    Siquijor’s ecological diversity offers an eco-vacation to remember. At Siquijor, you won't run out of options.

  • A Unique Healing Culture

    Siquijudnons pride themselves on their cultural heritage of folk healing. With their long history of mystic traditions, this Island is anything but boring.

  • Economically Empowered Locals

    Ever since its boost in the ecotourism, more locals are employed in the tourism industry. With their undergone trainings and quality of hospitality, it's easy to feel at home in Siquijor.

Explore the Destinations

Siquijor Island has a variety of breathtaking tourist spots to discover. From beaches to caves, forests to structures of cultural heritage, this Healing Island has plenty of activities for tourists to choose from.​

Discover the Healing Culture

Siquijor Island is well-known for its community of folk healers also known as "mananambal". Despite the Island’s past association with witchcraft, Siquijorians are very proud to present their practice of folk healing.

Meet the Siquijudnons

The rise of tourists creates more opportunities for the Island's locals. Get to know the Siquijudnons and how the impact of ecotourism has supported their livelihood.

What is Seeking Siquijor?

Seeking Siquijor is a project dedicated to educating tourists on why ecotourism is the foundation of Siquijor and how they can do their part in maintaining Siquijor as an ecotourism gem with sustainable traveling.

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