We believe that the best tourist experience is an eco-friendly one

Seeking Siquijor is a project founded on a passion for travelling, supporting local culture, and most importantly sustainable living. After having interviewed local government authorities, tourism workers and cultural personalities, all of which play a strong part in Siquijor Island’s ecotourism, the developer was able to list the strengths of its ecotourism and how much awareness was needed to be raised. The project intends to raise awareness on how sustainable travelling can greatly benefit both the destination and the visitor by protecting the environment and respecting its culture. Beginning as a humble project attempting to connect the traveler to the destination through eco-enthusiastic values, Seeking Siquijor proves that research and design can showcase the possibilities of maximizing the tourist experience while still fully enjoying one’s visit to one of the beautiful gems of the Philippines.

About the Developer

About the Developer

Mikaehla Jill Ditona is a student of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. With a degree in Multimedia Arts, Jill is passionate about using her skills to raise awareness on things that matter most to her, such as art, traveling and sustainable living.

Jill believes that as Filipinos, we must first love, support and promote our own culture and take care of the natural environment and give back to the world that effortlessly nurtures us.

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