Empowering the livelihood of the locals.

The heightened tourist annual influx creates a domino effects of job and learning opportunities for the Island's locals. As more tourists calls for quality service, facilities and an overall enjoyable tourist experience, this introduces more job openings to the locals, and improves their quality of life as a result.

As LGUs have worked towards providing more job openings for locals, they’ve also supported it with mandatory trainings and seminars like first aid, customer service, alternative basic language classes, and more.
This creates more openings for tourism occupations like habal-habal drivers, tour guides, hotel and resort chefs, waiters, managers and workers, etc. Likewise, it also allows more folk healers to get in touch with those seeking their healing aid. As the employment rate goes higher in the Island, less locals have to move to the capital town of Manila or abroad for work, as they can be based in the Island as soon as they graduate.

Get to know the Siquijudnons and how the impact of ecotourism has supported their livelihood.

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