Siquijor Island

"Isla del Fuego"

Siquijor Island, also known as “Isla del Fuego” or “Island of Fire” as dubbed by the Spaniards in the colonial period, is the smallest province Island of the Central Visayas region. Located in the center of Bohol, Cebu, Negros Occidental and Mindanao, this makes Siquijor easily accessible for nearby local tourists to visit the gems of the Island and experience its renown culture of mystic healing.

Your quick guide to the Island of Fire.

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As ecotourism is founded on protecting and upholding the natural state of the destination, keeping Siquijor as one of the top ecotourism hubs of the country is a group effort by both locals and tourists.

Siquijor’s diverse ecological areas offer visitors a variety of breathtaking tourist spots to explore and enjoy. From beaches to caves, forests to structures of cultural heritage, Siquijor Island has plenty of activities for tourists to choose from.

Siquijor Island is well-known for its community of folks healers or quack doctors commonly known as mananambals. Despite the Island’s past association with sorcery and witchcraft, Siquijorians are very proud to present their practice of folk healing.

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